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Top 5 Questions You Need to Ask an Epoxy Garage Floor Company

You have just been to your neighbor’s house and got envious (admit it!) of her new garage! She says she has just had epoxy flooring installed and her family adores their new garage. You start doing some research on how an epoxy garage floor company can help bring new life to your deteriorating concrete floor. 

Here are the most commonly asked questions every epoxy garage floor company has to answer to ensure you can make the right decision in opting for an epoxy garage floor installation. 

What should I Hire a Garage Floor Company?

The installation of an epoxy garage floor comes with a lot of benefits, the most important of which is making the concrete surface more durable. This means your garage floor will be resistant to chips and cracks even with dropped heavy objects, stains, dust, dirt, and grime.

All these benefits will be achieved if you entrust your epoxy garage flooring installation to a professional and experienced epoxy garage floor company.

What is the lifespan of an epoxy flooring system?

With a properly prepared concrete surface and a properly installed epoxy material, an epoxy flooring system can last for a very long time, even as long as 20 years. 

How long does it take to install an Epoxy Garage Floor?

A well-experienced epoxy garage floor company should be able to install an epoxy flooring system in a standard 2-car garage in a day or two. You should be able to walk on your new epoxy floor after 24 hours and park your cars in about 72 hours. 

Why is an epoxy garage floor more superior to traditional concrete flooring?

Concrete is a tough material. When an epoxy garage flooring system is applied over concrete, concrete becomes even more durable. The durability of an epoxy garage flooring system cannot be matched by any traditional concrete flooring systems. 

How do you maintain an epoxy garage floor?

An almost zero maintenance requirement is one of the best features of an epoxy garage floor. It does not need to be polished or waxed to maintain its high-gloss finish. Clean-up is as hassle- free as occasional sweeping, dry mopping. All the benefits of epoxy garage floors can only be enjoyed when the flooring system is installed by a professional and reliable epoxy garage floor company.

Rental Website Showdown: Who Will Get You Home

Rental Website Showdown: Who Will Get You Home

When you’re looking for a new place to live, it can be very nerve-wracking – whether you’re racing the clock to find a new place before your lease runs out or you’re in need of a new place for your growing family. One of the first places that tech-savvy people check is the internet, of course, but navigating through the chaos of the online rental market can be incredibly time-consuming and exhausting, so we’re going to go through a few of the best websites that showcase rentals, and talk about the pros and cons of each.

Number one in the market has to be Craigslist. It is something of a mystery how such a simple website became such a titan of classified ads, but it’s hard to argue with the blunt simplicity it offers. Free rental ads and a huge userbase make it your number one place to check, and there is a section of the site specifically for Calgary. When I was searching for my last rental, I kept 5 tabs open for a month, each displaying a different search term in the craigslist rentals section. Then I’d simply click ‘search’ a few times a day to get the most up to date listings possible – because there is such a huge userbase, places get rented out quickly! But there is a dark side to being popular as well – scammers are often attracted to Craigslist because of the number of desperate people involved. There are a few key things to keep in mind when avoiding scammers, and you’ll be able to have a safe and productive renting experience. Most importantly, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. If the place you’re looking at is far cheaper than similarly-equipped homes, that’s the first red flag. Secondly, if the landlord claims they are out of the country and need to ship you the keys via courier, this is DEFINITELY a red flag. While I was applying, I went through many great listings, that wound up being from someone pretending to be an Anglican bishop in Zambia, who had a “rental application form” included within the email. Even if they don’t successfully scam you with the rental, they are still collecting information that could be later used for identity theft. Report these people to craigslist as scammers, and help out the community. If you’re careful, Craigslists is a great tool – just be on your guard.

Second most popular is ViewIt – although I really am at a loss to explain why. I guess it’s because they are one of the few rental sites that has an offline component – as a landlord listing a property, you can get a sign placed outside the property, which has great sticky power. While the site covers rentals Canada-wide, the website is a nightmare to use, and seems to have been designed in the mid-1990s and never updated. Far too few listings appear, and the site is slow to access its database and display the listings you’ve searched for. Additionally, you’re unable to search by keywords, which is of prime importance for those of us with a lot of rental experience. ViewIt is really best for finding a place run by larger landlord companies who own high-rise apartment buildings (or a string of them). If you’re looking for a place for rent by the owner, then be sure to check out Craigslist, but you can occasionally get lucky with ViewIt.

The other decent thing about ViewIt is that the listings must be approved, so there is a greatly reduced risk of being scammed. Don’t let your guard down completely, but it’s not as much of a Wild West as Craigslist has become.

Finally, the other big player in the Calgary rental market is RentSpot. This site is Canada-wide, but also features a ‘zoomed in’ section on Calgary specifically. It has a decent number of listings and search filters, but again it doesn’t let you narrow down your selections the way Craigslist does using a keyword search. Savvy Google users will know about the site: operator, but if the company can’t bother to design a decent user experience, they don’t get my business. Filters were a good option, but not quite enough. One good thing about RentSpot is that it allows you to build up a ‘favourites’ list that can be very useful when you’re not sure what places you want to investigate further.

So there you have it – Craigslist is the clear winner, with Rentspot coming in a distant second. Don’t bother with ViewIt unless you’ve run out of other options – remember, there’s always the Calgary Sun!

Handy Pointers

Handy Pointers

That May Help You Discover An Excellent Rental Property

There are lots of options for seeking an apartment or other rental properties in Calgary. The most usual techniques are looking through the classified ads in the local newspaper, on-line through classified listings and going for walks through the area to check out all the “For Rent” signage.

Many organisations in these days promote on the outside of the home, linking it to a webpage where you can see pictures of the spot plus information on the services of the house – if it’s a condo or kitchen appliances are provided, etc. I have found that to be very valuable whenever I search for homes to rent, due to the fact I normally choose as many as I am able to. This offers me a large amount of selections, because 40% of the places which look really good on paper don’t really look great close up. A further 40% of those I selected were inside neighbourhood but I was not so certain of, because I didn’t love the house or it really was not my style of rental, but there is a possibility of me truly loving some areas in that 40%. So my point is: Options, options, options!

A different factor in searching for rental residences is you must check out the place by yourself, as mentioned the spot might look fantastic on paper, but when you investigate it you may observe little information the owner neglected to mention in his/her advertising. If you are planning to see a lot of the landlord, you ought to be friends with them also, but in some cases men and women are complicated. When the place has a fantastic fee and you love it, you might be able to get over the property manager’s tough temperament. And lastly: compare costs. Many places might provide you with the equivalent amount of size at unbelievable price disparity. Check the fine print and question why their charges are much higher, perhaps you get cable TV and also other amenities with that higher price.

Burlington Real Estate Services

Burlington Real Estate Services

How do you define a great experience buying and selling real estate ? Choosing the right real estate company and the right realtor can put a stamp of success on your real estate transaction from the very beginning. Royal Lepage has been part of homeowners achieving dreams and realizing their Burlington real estate aspirations for a century. In 1913, Albert E. LePage became a pioneer in the business of selling homes. His approach was based on solid customer service, innovation and professionalism.

Today, with more than 13,000 realtors across the nation, the company’s approach is not much different.

“I am proud to be part of Royal LePage Burloak Real Estate, who sell more real estate in Burlington than any other real estate broker and hold the largest market share. We are truly a team of professionals with a common goal. To help you buy and sell homes”

When you work with Kevin Andrew to buy or sell your home you work with one of the best people in the business. Our support group is highly efficient and skilled to assist us throughout the buying and selling process. Our management and owners are a pleasure to work with and share the same goals for buying or selling Burlington real estate. Through continuous improvement and education we continue to lead the real estate industry with the best skills and latest technologies for buying and selling homes.

The customer is our business. This is why we strive to exceed their needs. “The most satisfying aspect of my business,” reflects Kevin, “is 90% of my business is generated primarily through referrals from satisfied relationships.”

Finding a Home in the Heat

Finding a Home in the Heat

I cannot stand winter. There, I admitted it. I despise the cold as much as those birds we see flocking south for warmer climates and there have been times where I’ve looked into the sky to see them fleeing from old man winter and I have to wonder why I’m not going with them. After one particularly terrible winter, I took their advice and took flight for Texas! I have family here so it only made sense; while others might complain of the terrible humidity, I love it, which is why I bought my home in avery ranch austin! There just wasn’t any other choice, after skidding off the road back home on black ice and being stuck in a frigid ditch for a good two hours, it was the final straw that broke this snowman’s back. I can’t come to terms with winter and I’d much rather sweat than freeze.

Austin has been a great place to make a home for years now and while I have visited frequently to see my brother, I was always hesitant about moving. It’s a difficult transition to move across the country and whenever summer would roll around, I would forget about the pains of winter. I’m glad I’ve made this decision and even if I am saddened about leaving a lot of my friends behind I can only grow as a person if I experience more of this life has to offer, if I open myself to diversity and new people. Who knows, this might be the most amazing thing to happen to me! If I keep my eyes open on the horizon of hope, perhaps I will find that cloud with a silver lining – of course, I’d say the silver lining is that I won’t have to be dealing with the cold!

Living and Renting in Calgary

Living and Renting in Calgary

So you’ve decided to move to Calgary! Whether you’re coming from the US or elsewhere in Canada, be prepared for a unique combination of Wild West ranching history and high-tech innovation. Calgary is one of the fastest growing cities in North America, and with good reason – Alberta charges no provincial sales tax, has abundant oil reserves in the form of the Tar Sands, and the city itself is surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscape on the continent in the form of the Rocky Mountains. Perhaps most importantly, the people are friendly and the jobs are plentiful!

When you’re looking for a house rental in Calgary, there are a few crucial things to keep in mind – the most important being that you find a house rental in a nice neighbourhood. It can be hard to choose a place to rent remotely, but we’ve got the scoop on the hottest neighbourhoods. Tuscany and Rosedale are great neighbourhoods in the North West quarter of the city, and have some great views of the surrounding mountains, but the crème de la crème is found in the South Western quarter of the city. Avoid renting a place in the North East, as this is where the airport is located, and is a fairly industrialized sector of the city. This does, of course, lend itself to cheaper rent, however.

In terms of the average pricing for Calgary house rentals, as of this writing (February 2012), a decent-sized house in a nice neighbourhood could be rented for approximately $2000 CAD per month, although many large homes are available for less (and some for more, of course). Calgary is currently in a bit of a bubble phase in its real estate market due to the recent influx of new money and development opportunities, but rental pricing is generally still comparable to any mid-sized city in the United States. Check popular websites like Craigslist and RentFaster to get a sense of the current market before you dive right in and join us in one of the sunniest places in Canada! We’ve got jobs aplenty, and our standard of living is among the highest in the country!